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        Customer Testimonials
Hi Mihaela,

Just letting you know the puppies and the guys arrived safe and sound. Leonardo and Princess are absolutely adorable..they were so good coming home..and so calm..they will make special pets..we can already see the temperment..just wonderful..Also, I want to thank you so ..so much for all the gifts..I can not believe what a wonderful breeder you are ..I have never seen so many things given to the owners of new puppies..you are one of a kind! We will keep you posted and follow your instructions to keep our puppies healthy and safe..They will be truly cherished and taken care of as they become part of our family and friends. Thank you so much..we really appreiate everything!


 Hi Mihaela,

Here are some pictures of Dukie.
He's 1&1/2 now - he's a great dog.Life wouldn't be the same without him.He sits with me every evening while I read or watch TV.  He's waiting every morning for his hug - and the kids adore him!

What a great addition to our family.
Merry Christmas!

The Fearons


  Here are some pic's of Jazmin.We really could not have found a better dog. She fit perfectly into our family, she love everybody and everybody loves her! She is such a delight to have.
Thank you for have a great quality of the breed.

Ziegler Family,  
St.Jacobs, Ontario.

Hi, Ella

  Just wanted to send you some pictures of Cashie.... she's doing quite well and is quite the joy to have around.
Oh, and we took Cashie to the groomer's this past week, and the groomer told us that the puppy was among the most well-behaved and well-tempered dog she's ever dealt with..... I was very happy to hear that!

Thank you, Josee,  
Sudburry, Ontario


Hi Mihaela,

The website looks great, here are some pictures of Sophie in our backyard and in Croatia this summer. She was so good on the plane and on the whole trip, we had no problems. We are so happy with Sophie. She is the best dog we ever had, so smart and she makes us laugh every day! 

From the Cacic Family

Hi Ella;

Just wanted to drop you a short note and tell you how much we are LOVING Dexter! He is so sweet and so feisty. 
I think Dixie and Dexter are going to be best of friends.  They have already slept together in same dog bed twice!   (Catherine have two of our puppies: Dixie & Dexter)
Thank you for raising such great puppies, 

Hi Ella,
I have attached some recent pictures of Montgomery and Albert Einstein.  They are both doing very well. Jason and I are extreamly happy that we decided to add Albert to our family after adding Monty only two months earlier.  They puppies do everything together, they love each other very much.  Both boys have brought such joy and happiness to our lives.  They're both smart and very well behaved.  They love to play and run around and when it's bed time they both sleep soundly through the night with no problems.  Thank you so much for our wounderful little boys.  You are truely a fantastic breader, Monty and Albert are living proof of just how good you and your dogs are.  We are very blessed.
Thanks for everything,  Janette
Janette have two of our puppies, Monty & Albert.

Hello, Ella

Isabella fit in perfectly with our family. Her spunky personality makes her the perfect companion for her big sister Lucy. Already we are talking about getting our next puppy from you, it's clear you do a great job. Thanks again, Isabella is perfection.

Jennifer and Adam, 
Hamilton, Ontario.

Hi Ella!

We just thought we would update you on how Maddie is doing.

Since we brought her home, she's been doing absolutely great, she's such a quick learner and is so calm when going to new places and meeting new people. Everyone always stops us to tell us how cute she is! 

As soon as we got her in the door, we started potty training. She's only had about 10 accidents since we've had her and now knows to go right to the door when she has to go out! The next best thing is that she's able to sleep right through the night! She only wakes up at about 5:00 and lets us know she has to go out, after she's out, she goes right back to sleep untill we all get up. She's been like that since day one which is so great. 

We took her to the vet a few weeks ago for her shots and the vet couldn't believe how calm she was.. she said she's never seen a puppy like that ever before. When we took her for her first hair trim, the groomer said exactly the same thing. 

We've taught her to walk properly on the leash and loves going for her daily walks; She's even got some new friends in the neighbourhood. She knows how to sit on command, and she just learned yesterday how to fetch. She's comming along so great and we're so thankful to have her.

We want to thank you so much for letting us have such a great puppy. She's made a wonderful addition to our family and we love everything about her. Thanks again Ella! We've added some pictures so you can see her!

The McGarvey family
Hello! Ella 

   We finally got back to Halifax last evening.  What a long trip for such a little puppy, but she was excellent!  Leila got lots of exercise before we boarded the train to Montreal and we checked up on her in the baggage car a few times, and had the engineers check how she was doing. She slept pretty much the whole time! Jordan was the one who boarded her in the baggage car, and he also took her off when we arrived. We had a neck pillow in her cage, she loves cuddling into it! Leila was nervous as we carried her in our arms out of Montreal train station to a little park where she ran around and went to the washroom. It didn't take her long before she regained her confidence and playful spirit!   Again we exercised her lots before heading on the overnight train to Halifax.
  We stayed in the baggage car with Leila until the train started to move. We took her outside three times on the trip home, but we checked up on her every couple of hours to see how she was making out. When we would go to visit her, we would take her out of her cage, set up a newspaper on the floor to see if she would go to the bathroom, and she did s few times---and went to the bathroom outside all three stops. She even was in snow in northern new brunswick!  Leila didnt relieve herself in her cage, i guess she likes to chew on the newspaper in it, not pee on it!  We exercised her by running back and forth in the baggage car--she was great walking on a leash, but would run without it-perfect for having her sleep! Now the real puppy training begins--no bleeding heart! We will be keeping in touch! We are sooo happy with her and love having her in our lives!!

Magen and Jordan                               
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hi Ella,

A little over a year ago we picked up Gabby from you and I just wanted to send you a couple pictures as well as give you an update on how she is doing. We've had quite the busy year with her as she is very active and loves being the center of attention. She is starting to calm down quite a bit but still loves to snuggle in and be around people at all times. You'll notice the frog in one of her pictures, it's the one that came with her when we picked her up and remains her favorite toy today. We absolutely love how much personality she displays on a daily basis as well as her company. 

Thank you,

Lisanne, John and Gabby,
 (Sudbury, Ontario)